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We use a very active approach based on solid scientific grounds. We make you fit and strong again within your own possibilities paying serious attention to injury prevention. 

Our strength is our approach dealing with people who have been struggling with injuries for a long time. You can always contact us for some advice, - no strings attached. 

Let us help you get back on track. 

You don't have to think that this only applies to athletes, people with a full-time job who would like to continue to exercise are more than welcome!

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Diagnostics is our strength! Of course, we often see people with acute complaints, but we are well known for our unique approach dealing with people who have been struggling with injuries for a long time. During the first session we take our time to thoroughly understand your problem after all you cannot treat someone properly without having a clue of what is going on.

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We are here for you! Part of the successful outcome of treatment is the effort and dedication that you want to put into it. Together we commit to achieving the best possible result. If you want to get better, you have to take initiative. Don’t be passive. It will take an effort to close the gap between where you are now and where you could be. Let us guide you along the way with professionalism, enthusiasm and vigor.

The difference between try and triumph is a little “umph”.

- Marvin Philips -

In order to give you an idea of our already traveled route, let's first tell you that B-Fysio was founded by Frauke Lierman and Bjorn Fierens with a specific goal, namely personal development both from the therapist's and the patient's point of view, as well as anyone who comes into contact with us.

We believe that you can’t measure or calculate succes, but we are happy to have realized collaborations with Opera Ballet Flanders, Ultima Vez and many other artistic organizations.

We are not your stereotype physiotherapist's. We offer a very open and transparent environment with room for participation and communication at the same level, no delegation but guidance.



We are unconventional. That is, we do not accept the imposed rates and guidelines. We try to go the extra mile and therefore we do not want to be limited by what is generally accepted as adequate treatment time or what the content of treatment should be like.


For starters, we are a practice where treating neck, back and limb complaints such as, runners knee, shin splints, post-operative and post-traumatic problems, ... are daily fare. But did you know that you can also come to us for problems with, for example, the jaw joint (TMJ), mild organ dysfunction (in consultation with the doctor) and, last but not least, you can come to us for sport supervision, screening and injury prevention in your sport.

01 Dance Injuries

Our practice focuses strongly on dancers, both young and old. Over the past 7 years we have therefore become 'the place-to-be' for dancers, nationally and internationally. The confidence that Opera Ballet Flanders and Ultima Vez puts in us confirms this in our opinion!

Injuries can be devastating for a dance career, but you can actively tackle their occurrence. We consider ourselves the 'place-to-be for dancers'. Over the years we have developed a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the field of dance injuries and how to tackle them.

02 Sport Injuries

The typical sports injuries: sprained ankle, muscle strain, muscle tear, back pain, ... But we are mainly known for the injuries that have been dragging on for a long time and do not get resolved immediately.

With sports injuries it often comes down to these questions: Is surgery necessary? How long have I been out of battle? How fast can / may I return to sports?
Because of our on-field experience in combination with scientific expertise, we can answer these questions together with you (in communication with the doctors).

03 Manual Therapies

Regular abdominal pains? Do you have strong reactions to what you eat in, for example, your lower back?

Do you have many injuries / injuries in a short time?

All our therapists have the necessary training (Masters degree/Postgraduate) to be able to help you further with all kinds of problems. We even use our own self-developed scientifically based protocol for hernia problems.

Our offer: Manual therapy - Manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder) - Myofascial therapy

04 Foot & Ankle Pain

A typical and often underestimated region to treat, as a result of which people too often continue to suffer from residual injuries in this area. Thanks to the expertise that comes from working with dancers, the foot/ankle no longer holds any secrets for us.

05 Prevention

Primary (before an injury), secondary (during recovery) and tertiar (after an injury). Prevention is a 'hot topic', but we often go to the physio too late to tackle this. Does your child exercise more than 5 hours a week, think about their health and let's make sure that they don't have to miss a day with what they love to do!

06 Post-surgery (orthopedic)


Post-operative: fractures, hernia, ACL, meniscus, arthroscopies, ... Or non-specific back problems, neck problems, frozen shoulder, ... are all conditions that we treat on a daily-basis.

For years we have maintained good contacts with the orthopedists in our region. Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer added value to our patients. We also follow the surgeries of our patients regulary.





We treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. 

Thanks to regular training and further training,

we are kept up to date with new developments

and we can continue to guarantee the latest state-of-the-art therapy.


Frauke Lierman

Senior Physiotherapist - Owner

Head medical staff


Frauke is a university qualified sports therapist and manual lymph therapist (ad modem Vodder).

She has also developed a special interest in the female athlete, especially during and after pregnancy.

drs. Bjorn Fierens

PhD candidate University of Antwerp


Bjorn conducts research at the University of Antwerp.

He is a University certified sports therapist, manual therapist and myofascial therapist (dry needling).

He is also specialized in diagnostics and research, arthroneurological problems (eg hernia, TOS) and is an expert in dance injuries.

Sam Schaerlaeken

Junior Physiotherapist - Therapist Opera Ballet Vlaanderen - Therapist Ultima Vez

Sam is a university-certified manual therapist.

Thanks to her background as a dancer (KBA), she has more than the necessary knowledge and experience to help dancers back on the right path!

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