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Your 'place-to-be' if you suffer sports injuries even when you work-out at a recreational level.

Over 250 elite dancers passed our clinic in 2017.

Therapy 2.0

When you come to B-Fysio you will discover that we offer you the best of 2 worlds (physiotherapy and training). This means that we have a very active approach but with a strong scientific evidence base.  Thus we will progressively make you fit and strong again (within your own goals and body abilities) with serious attention to (secondary) injury prevention.

And don't be afraid, you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benifits of our therapies. Especially people with a fulltime workload and do sports on a recreational level are more then welcome!


Post-surgery (fractures, hernia, ACL, menisc, ...). Or a-specific low back pains, neck problems, frozen shoulder are all well fitting in ourtherapy-offering.


We specifically focus on dance injuries. Over the past 5 years we can call ourselves the 'place-to-be' for dancers. Bjorn started his PhD to combine this expertise with science.


The typical sports  injuries: sprained ankle, muscle strain, ligament rupture, backpain. But we are especially known for  injuries that are taking more time than normally required.


Stomach ache on a regular base? Do you have strong reactions to what you eat in for example your lower back? Do you endured a lot of injuries in the last year(s)?

Get Your Initial Consultation

Diagnostics are our strength. Therefore we see a lot off people with acute but especially with more 'chronic' injuries. In the first session (intake) we do an anamnesis and clinical investigation (ca. 60min.). From the next session we start the treatment.

the "B-Fysio"-way

We offer the expertise, evidence-base and the dedication (passion). What we expect from you is motivation!

B-Fysio was founded in 2012 by Master Physiotherapist Frauke Lierman and PhD candidate Bjorn Fierens. Immediately they focused themselves on athletes (in particular dancers).

We are located on 'het Eilandje' in Antwerp. A well reachable and hotspot wright in Antwerp. Our succes is not only measured in the evidence based guidance and follow-up we provide but we also put a high dose of enthusiasm, fun-factor and simply passion  in your recovery/training.


We are not conventionally bounded with the RIZIV. This means that you will get a fraction less of a refund from the mutuality compared with other physio's.

But what you get in return is a 30 min. session on the table and at least an exercise program and the opportunity to train as long as you want/can in our clinic.



Address: Madrasstraat 44A, 2000 Antwerp

Phone: +32 (0) 494 39 18 41

Email: info@b-fysio.be



Monday - Friday: by appointment

Saturday: by appointment

Sunday: closed


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