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Off course we are a physiotherapy clinic so we are used working with the most common complaints or injuries like neck/back pain, runners knee, post-surgery menisc, ... But did you also know that we have an important role in TMJ dysfunctions, mild organ dysfunction and last but not least in our young physically active population primary prevention off injuries.

02 Foot & Ankle Pain


A typical and often a difficult region to threat in the recreational and elite sports population. Because of our expertise in dance we have the proficiency to help you with even the most difficult laesions of the foot and ankle.


03 Sports Injuries


With sports injuries a few simple questions are important. Is there any necessary intervention?How long will the recovery take? How fast can I return to sport? Because we combine our knowledge with science we can answer these questions quite easly.


01 Back & Neck Pain


All of our therapists are well educated and experienced to help you with all kinds of complaints and disorders in your spine. We even use our own developed protocol for hernia problems.


05 Stretching


The question if stretching is necessary creates discussion. It's diffuculties ly in the variety of stretching that are applicable, so there are tons of ways to stretch but to know whenyou have to apply them is much more important.


06 Post-surgery (orthopedic)


We have strong cooperations with the orthopedic surgeons in our region. The fact that we work close to each other means that we can give the therapy a big extra.


04 Prevention


Primary (before injury), secondary (during recovery) and tertiary (to prevent it from coming back after injury) prevention is a 'hot topic' but how often are we too late to ask a physio's help. If your child does more than 3h of sport in one week, think about their health and let's do all we can so they won't miss a single day!



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Find out in which projects B-Fysio is involved. In the past we already had tons of fun experiences that we like to share! Ex. 10 Miles, Congresses, Trainings, Screenings, ...






We combine talent and professionalism with hard work. We ask our therapists treat people like they would want to be treated, with motivation and passion. Because we follow courses and educations on a regular base we can ensure to provide in 'state-of-the-art' therapy and guidance.


Phd candidate Bjorn Fierens

Senior Physiotherapist - Owner


Bjorn is a certified sportstherapist, manuel therapist, myofascial therapist (dry needling). He is specialized in orthopedic (sport) injuries, arthrosneurlogical problems (ex. hernia, TOS) and has become an expert in dance injuries. He is also a teacher at the University of Antwerp (Postgraduate Manual Therapy).


Favorit quote: "a champion is someone who gets up when he can't" - Jack Dempsey -

Frauke Lierman

Senior Physiotherapist - Owner


Frauke is a certified sportstherapist, manual lymphatic drainage therapist (ad modem Vodder) and is specialised in organ problems. Furthermore she developed a big interest in guiding women in sports (especially women during and after pregnancy).

Sam Schaerlaeken

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


Sam is a certified manuel therapist. Because she was a dancer herself (Royal Ballet School Antwerp) she not only has the experience and interest but also the passion to get dancers back on that stage!




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